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Review: Namaste Guest House in Boracay

We have a honeymoon series in the making so our first stop was Boracay. Talk about budget, we didn't get a luxury accommodation or whatsoever for our honeymoon or else there will be no "series" anymore. We're on a budget so I thought of trying to find cheap hotels and not necessarily beachfront. I was failed to find one that fits in our budget so I thought of guest houses instead of hotels. Not that I underestimates guest houses but mostly their facilities are inadequate. But now that I experienced staying in a guest house, my standpoint has totally changed.

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The first thing that entered into my mind was the Tan's Guesthouse. I have read a lot of good feedbacks and reviews from Female Network about Tan's and its contact person - Ms. Net. I actually inquired to her directly through a cellphone's call and tried to book a standard room in Tan's which costs P1,000 per room/ night. She asked for my email so she could send me the Tan's bank details. But then I realized that it was already Friday and I wasn't able to catch the bank before it closes. Ms. Net was very kind to consider it and agreed that I could just pay when we arrived in Tan's.

It was our first time to get accommodation in Boracay without paying any reservation. If you've read my previous Boracay posts, I always made sure that I'd book a hotel at least thirty (30) days prior to our arrival. But last August 2011, we arrived in Boracay with a very nice guesthouse waiting for us without any reservation made in advance but just paid right when we get there. We missed our original flight and flew to Boracay the next day. Ms. Net didn't reply anymore when I texted her that we missed our flight. Maybe she thought I was a spurious and a scam. Well, I couldn't blame her. The next day I was updating her the moment we stepped in the airport and she started replying again. Maybe she realized I was sincere and been honest lols!

From D'Mall, we headed to the beach and turned left. After the Island Souvenir, you will see Sheena's Resort and beside was the E.S. Pascual Store, turn left beside the store. You will see a long narrow alley going inside a compound. A lot of contiguous guesthouses are in that compound. We arrived in Tan's around 6:45 pm and showed our booking voucher to the lady in the reception desk. The lady greeted us with a smile and asked for our booking voucher (yes, Ms. Net sent me the bank details together with the booking voucher already). The lady made a phone call and I know that she called up Ms. Net for the booking confirmation. After putting down the phone, the lady said that there's no standard room available in Tan's anymore. The supposed reserved room for us was given to the other guest when I texted Ms. Net that we've missed the flight. Well, that was fair though. The lady told us they will put us to the other building and not in Tan's Guesthouse. We got a bit worried and asked her if we're getting the same kind of room like in Tan's but she said that they will give us an upgraded room. Now, that is over-satisfactory. Though I was still in doubt where would they put us, I still paid the whole amount for the entire stay.

From Tan's, we've walked to just a little bit ahead of the compound and then we turned right. We were following her and I was making signs to my hubby. I was trying to say to him "Now, I'm getting disappointed!". My hubby motioned a sign to me to just shut-up. You can't blame me to react. Why? We walked into the cracks of the cement and there was no enough light in there. Anyway, not too long for the disappointment and we walked into the bricks. The lady said it was another compound of guesthouses but still under the managing of Ms. Net. We followed the lady up to the last building and when we get there; all my disappointments and doubts had vanished.

Namaste Guesthouse

Namaste Guesthouse

The small lobby at night.

And the small lobby at daytime...

The Namaste Guesthouse is a small 3-storey guesthouse with 3-4 rooms in each floor.  The building looks relatively new and I consider this has a modern style compared to Tan's Guesthouse. The interior lobby looks clean though you can see the sands from the 3- steps of stair and in the entrance lobby. It's considerable since you really cannot avoid getting sands with your slippers.

From the small lobby, there was a sliding door that will lead to all the rooms in that building. Our room was in the ground floor. I was told by the lady that our room was upgraded but I didn't expect they will give us such a nice room more than we paid for. I'm quite impressed. 

Namaste F1 
It has two (2) double sized beds, small refrigerator, safety deposit box, 32" LCD TV, new air-con, 2 night tables, private toilet & bath, water heater, balcony and cloth rack.

The clean toilet & bath waits. They provided four (4) bath towels but no complimentary soap, shampoo and toothpaste. We really didn't mind, we ALWAYS bring ours when we travel.

The whole room looks tidy and clean. There's a sliding glass door towards the balcony. In the balcony is where you can find the clothing rack to dry your wet clothes and swimwear. It will easily get dry because of the hot exhaust blowing from the air-con. The balcony extends up to the next room. So, it's like sharing of balcony. The other room's guest can freely access our balcony anytime and so we are to theirs, too. Luckily, the other room has no guest in our entire stay. 

By the way, there's no trash can inside the room or in the CR. We found trash bin just outside of our room. There's no pail and dipper, too. The room doesn't have a cabinet for your clothes and bags. So, we placed our stuffs in the other bed. 

Since it's a guesthouse, don't expect much. Aside from it was affordable, I chose this guesthouse because it has a free breakfast and it has free WIFI access. There's no swimming pool. It was just a 3-minute walk to the beach.

You can avail your free breakfast at the roof deck of Tan's Guesthouse. 

Honestly, everything was almost fine. For that dirt cheap rate we got, I couldn't ask for more but there's one thing I didn't like. During our entire stay, we didn't see any staffs manning the lobby of Namaste Guesthouse even in daytime or in night time. We never saw the reception desk with a staff. Maybe because Ms.Net is managing the whole compound and their main desk is at Tan's? We were worried on our first night. A lot of evils have been entering in my mind - what if we got robbed when we're asleep? Anybody could go inside the compound and enter to the guesthouse, right? There's no security guard in Namaste but I've seen one in other building inside the compound. Fortunately, nothing harmed us. Thank God.

Meantime, let my hubby take your concerns please lols!

The computer and other office equipment we've seen there wasn't on so my hubby was kidding and was taking the attention of anybody who would pass by at the guesthouse. 

We would come back to this guesthouse whenever given a chance. I like how Ms.Net and her staffs treated us. We really feel well-accommodated during our stay. We felt the warmth that every guest deserves. The girl in the reception never failed to smile as well as the other guy (I guess he's gay) who manned the desk when they changed shifts, never failed to smile and gladly listened to our concerns.

Oh, I haven't mentioned yet that one of the rules that lady told us when she turn-over us our room key was that: never forget to wash our feet before entering the guesthouse. 

The cute way to wash our feet. So cute, isn't it?

Now, I highly recommend Namaste Guesthouse if you are looking for an affordable stay in Boracay but guaranteed you'll get nice room more than you paid for.

Namaste Guesthouse
Ms. Net Sacapuno   
Telephone: 036 288 6878

                 09285000040 (8am - 5am)
                 09209202481 (8am- 10pm)
YM: tgh_bora



  1. Hi there, I must say i read your whole blog and it was very detailed and informative.. I am so excited, i must book this place as well!!! :D

  2. how much is the standard rate at Namaste? would you know? thank you

  3. haha! i like the last photo! cute way on washing the feet

  4. nice review about tans. planning to book our reservation din this coming April. Yay! first time to go to Boracay.

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  6. Where exactly this guest house is located? Is it along white beach and which station? You also did not mention to tell how cheap it is... :) Anyways, great reviews you had for this hotel in boracay. Kudos!